GIRLS at Malmesbury football club were praised for ''working hard' and 'doing their absolute best' at a recent presentation evening.

Last season Malmesbury Youth Football Club launched dedicated girls' training sessions as a chance for young girls to feel comfortable and train in a girls-only environment. 

After the the club's under 13 girls' side recently finished their inaugural season, a presentation evening which was a 'brilliant opportunity to celebrate that season' was held. 

Matt Aldridge, Chair and u13s girls’ coach, Malmesbury Youth Football Club, said: "Encouraging girls to get involved in grassroots football is something we’re passionate about here at Malmesbury Youth FC, and girls can join any of our youth teams.

(Image: Supplied) "Last season we launched dedicated girls’ training sessions – a brilliant opportunity for us to embrace inspiring inclusion and grow MYFC; and a chance for young girls to feel comfortable playing and training in a girls-only environment.

"As the football season has come to an end, we’re busy celebrating our players at their end of season presentations.

"Our u13 girls enjoyed their presentation evening, and it was a brilliant opportunity to celebrate our first ever season in the league!

"What a team we have. Our girls are new - New to the game, new to the league – a new team this season.

"Each week they show up, work hard and do their absolute best.

Their incredible teamwork and ability to play some great football and put on phenomenal performances is down to their hard work and dedication to wanting to play the beautiful game.

"The team’s strength of character is unreal. They NEVER give up. It hasn’t been easy to join a league with established teams, and the girls’ are truly a great group of players who I’m very happy to coach.

"Their resilience, strength, skill and positivity – I could go on – is amazing.

"Our club presentation evenings are an opportunity to celebrate our players and their achievements from the season.

(Image: Supplied) "All our players are a huge credit to our club, and these girls are excellent champions for girls' footie in Malmesbury.

"They’re an awesome squad, and their friendships on and off the pitch are testament to the grassroots game and one of the many benefits associated with playing in team sports and enjoying the opportunity to have fun.

"Girls, I hope you’re proud of yourselves - the club is very proud of you, as I know your supporters are too – thank you to all the parents who ensure players get to training and matches, who run the line and offer encouragement. 

"Thank you for helping us grow our girls' teams here at Malmesbury Youth Football Club, which is going from strength to strength.

"Bring on next season!"