ANOTHER battery storage facility has been given the go-ahead in Minety, despite the local councillor finding “fault” with the potential “cumulative impact” of the developments.

The application concerned land off Dog Trap Lane, to the west of Minety, and was one of the numerous applications for similar facilities in the area.

The Northern Area Planning Committee approved the plans at a meeting on Wednesday, May 22.

With a capacity of approximately 50MW, the storage system would house the batteries within containers and would require supporting development such as transformers, inverters and switch gear units.

The decision had previously been deferred, after the committee requested further information about the carbon emissions that would be saved and caused by the proposed development.

At that meeting in April, nearby resident Ian Anderson, who also happens to be a member of rock band Jethro Tull, spoke in objection to the application.

A representative of the applicant, Martin Pollard, returned to the meeting on Wednesday with further details surrounding the benefits of the storage facility.

He explained the intermittent generation of solar energy, with peaks at times of more sunlight.

He said: “What the battery storage sites do is they take that energy that’s been over generated at the time, store it and then release it back into the grid at a time when it’s needed.”

Mr Pollard noted that the facility would deliver the “nationally-recognised, policy-backed need for energy storage”, as well as support Wiltshire Council’s local plan and climate strategy.

According to the applicant, it would deliver “ecological benefits”, such as a 100 per cent biodiversity net gain and significant carbon savings.

Also in attendance at the meeting was David Mitchell, a historian who has lived in Minety for 20 years.

He raised concerns over the potential historical value of the site, suggesting that a roman road runs across the field.

Cllr Jacqui Lay requested a dig be carried out to record any potential archaeological assets.

Cllr Chuck Berry, representing Minety, said: “There is some consternation regarding its siting and its applicable nature in that it is not very far away from what was Europe’s largest battery storage site, it is similarly not very far away from the solar array which will exist in and around the Minety substation, it is also interestingly close to the Minety substation, so it has its positives and its negatives.”

He said: “I need to express that I, on behalf of the community, as opposed to my personal opinion, do find fault with the potential – looking forward – cumulative impact.”

Despite Cllr Berry voting against the application, it was approved by the committee.