A FURTHER one million pounds will be invested into preventing flooding across the county, according to Wiltshire Council.

The announcement comes after one of the wettest winters on record, with similar conditions expected in the coming years due to climate change.

Wiltshire’s roads have been affected by the weather, as the rain has made it more challenging to fix their deterioration.

When questioned on the issue recently, the leader of Wiltshire Council, Richard Clewer, told the Liberal Democrat leader that the council is doing “everything” it can.

The leader says that drainage systems will be improved thanks to the new funding, with a focus on fixing issues at a local level to prevent road flooding.

The full list of areas for improvements will be created with input from the council’s Operational Flood Working Groups, prioritising smaller schemes to allow a larger number to be delivered across the county.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporter, Cllr Clewer noted: “The aim of this is to look at areas, particularly where we are getting highway flooding in heavy rain – so where the drainage system is not clearing as quickly as we’d like – to investigate and then fix.”

This will involve using cameras to check what is causing drain blockages below the surface.

Cllr Clewer said: “If you take this winter, we’ve had so many areas where you’ve had standing water on roads, even if it’s for a day or a day and a half in heavy rain…

“If we can get in and do something to make sure the water is flowing as fast as possible, we’ll look at that.

“Preventative work – it stops damage to the road, it reduces the risk of accident.”

In a statement released with the announcement, he added: “We know that these increased flooding incidents can have a real impact on our communities, which is why we are investing more money into drainage improvements throughout Wiltshire.

“This extra investment, which meets our Business Plan commitment to have well-connected communities, will see a significant number of permanent improvements to the drainage in many of our rural communities, which are often among the worst affected.

“While other councils around the country are cutting budgets, we are investing millions in the things that really make a difference to people’s everyday lives, including filling more potholes, emptying more gullies and completing more drainage improvements across Wiltshire.”