A COFFEE company is full of beans after launching a new virtual reality coffee experience.

Rave says that the 3D experience is exclusive to the Cirencester-based roastery and that it gives coffee-lovers the opportunity to take a deep dive into what they’re drinking.

The experience sets out to tell the often-unknown origin stories of some of the world’s most celebrated growing regions.

Each VR bundle features three 250g bags of coffee from the same region and three pieces of accompanying, scannable VR content, as well as a set of VR Goggles.

The project is launching with a visit to Mexico and will move on to different locations every three months.

Rave was established by Rob Hodge and Vikki Hodge in 2011.

Commenting on the launch of the VR coffee experience, David Webb, head of brand and marketing at Rave, said: “With thousands of miles and many stages between harvesting and roasting, it’s too easy for the coffee-growers to be forgotten.

“Rave has always tried to give them a platform, but this is a big leap forward in telling coffee’s origin story.

“The technology and production value behind each experience is awesome.

“Anyone can fully immerse themself in their coffee for the first time, so this is going to be a real game changer.”

A VR coffee experience bundle is currently priced at £34.95 on the Rave website.

To purchase a pack, visit ravecoffee.co.uk/products/mexico-vr-bundle