WILD Hydrogen, based in Hardwicke, has developed a method of producing affordable, carbon-negative hydrogen that could be used to power trucks, ships and even airplanes.

The company, the brainchild of Gloucestershire residents James Milner and Mark Wickham, was founded in 2022 and its first trials were with a machine designed on James’ kitchen table.

The patented technology can convert biogenic material – such as waste wood, plants and compost, as well as potentially even plastic waste and seaweed – into Clear Hydrogen. The process can also allow for carbon dioxide to be captured and stored, effectively removing carbon from the atmosphere and helping in the fight against climate change.

The company now plans to build its first commercial demonstrator to produce hydrogen at scale. This will prove that it is a viable method for producing carbon-negative fuel, and an opportunity to make Gloucestershire and the South West a hub for this kind of technology.

CEO, James Milner said: “We’ve come a long way in just a couple of years and already expanded our team to 14 people. We plan to build our commercial demonstrator in 2026, which will be a major step in the UK’s drive to net zero. More locally, Gloucestershire County Council has set ambitious targets in its Climate Change Strategy – an 80% reduction of emissions by 2030 and net zero by 2045. With clear targets and a strategy in place, it is up to innovators like us to create the solutions that will achieve these goals.”

Wild Hydrogen has also partnered with respected local institutions to develop its product, including the National Composites Centre in Bristol and the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, which is helping the company to understand how best to work with farmers to grow fuel crops like herbal leys.

Mark Wickham, co-inventor of the technology has said: “I have looked on in disbelief at the complexity of traditional gasifier systems for more than 20 years – we have developed this new technology because it is simple, bulletproof and highly cost-effective. It is a game changer in hydrogen production with carbon capture.”

To find out more about Wild Hydrogen and stay tuned for its latest announcements and updates, please visit wildhydrogen.com.