THE little bit of market that runs down Threadneedle Street is called “The Flea Market” as opposed to the Farmers’ Market.

The farmers market operates under quite strict guidelines of what we allow; basically “We make it, We sell it”, or “We grow it, We sell it”.

The Flea market bit was added on way back in 2006 when the market went weekly. We were able to go weekly because there was a vintage market once a month in the Cornhill Square and it closed.

A number of the monthly traders at that market contacted the council to see if there was anyway they could attend alongside the farmers market and we came up with the Threadneedle Street idea.

One of the original stallholders at that time was Joe of Gardenalia, with the German picnic benches and galvanised buckets etc. Joe’s has been an incredibly popular stall over the years and for many moons was a virtual ever present.

Alas, he has been absent for some time due to the vagaries of ageing but has returned these last 2 weeks and will be around regularly for the spring and early summer, having recovered his health.

He will be featuring alongside Sheep n Chic, The Dal Inn, and Brand Zero this Saturday but the Vintage Tool man is away this week.

Elsewhere we have Sibling Gin with us for their monthly stall, and, if we’re talking tipple, look out for Stroud Brewery, Seb’s Cider, The Fresh Standard Brewing Co, and Days Cottage Ciders and Perry, and VQ Country Wines.