TETBURY Woolsack Races is back after a three year absence.

This classic event attracts thousands of visitors to the town of Tetbury but has been cancelled for the past three years.

It is back with a bang in May.

Madcap racers pit their wits and strength against a 60lb sack of wool up a steep hill.

It takes place in Tetbury town centre on the bank holiday Monday on May 27.

Join the crowds of up to 5,000 people, to watch the races, visit the market stall, and enjoy food and drink on the day.

The races have no greater aim than for individuals and teams to demonstrate their strength and fitness by racing whilst carrying a 60 lb sack of wool – up and down a hill that reaches a gradient of 1 in 4.

Around the Market Quarter the town celebrates with a street fair that aims to please many with street entertainers, local stalls and amusement rides.

The many catering establishments in the town also join in to provide a very local fare for visitors.

The races take place on Gumstool Hill between two public houses, the Royal Oak (the bottom of the hill) and the Crown (at the top).

People can take part either as individuals or as part of a team.

The individuals race up the hill, the teams (with four members swapping places at each end of the course) race up and down the hill twice.

The men race with a 60-pound (27 kg) woolsack, women have 30 pounds (14 kg).

There are also youth races where boys ages 16–18 races with a 30 lb sack, and a children's class.

The weight of the children's woolsack is unspecified but is likely about the same as a pillow.