CUSTOMERS have expressed sadness after the owners of a beloved family-run bistro in Tetbury announced its closure.

Quayles Cornerhouse has been a prominent feature of Long Street in Tetbury for the last 18 years and has provided hundreds of residents and visitors with delicious dishes and happy memories.

However, drinks and food were served at the restaurant for the last time on Saturday, March 23.

Owners Philippa and David Herbert said a combination of personal matters, including their daughter's sudden illness, led to the decision to close the business.

Many customers have turned to social media to express their sadness about this announcement.

Commenting on the Quayles Cornerhouse's closure announcement on Instagram, one resident said: "Absolutely heartbroken to hear this - you are our favourite restaurant and we’ve been many times.

"Quayles is hugely special not just because the food is second to none but because of the wonderfully warm welcome you always bring."

Another added: "We are so glad to have eaten with you many times and the food was always outstanding, we both wish you luck and better times ahead.

"Tetbury will never be the same for us now."

In a joint statement on social media the husband and wife duo thanked all their loyal customers and staff and said: "We are very sorry to say that after a great deal of soul searching, we have decided to bring the curtains down on Quayles Cornerhouse after 18 years.

"A combination of personal matters, including our youngest daughter’s sudden, grave illness last year, David’s accident in August and our collective age, we feel that the time has come to stop.

"Our business has developed and changed to meet the ever moving landscape of the high street. 

"We have sailed some very stormy seas, with national and global events that have shaped all of our lives, most significantly of course the pandemic in 2019. 

"It’s been a journey!

"We wish all of our amazing customers love and thanks for their unwavering support and kindness.

"We want to thank all our staff past and present, and our children for all their incredible hard work.

"Finally, we want to thank Tetbury, we will miss your lovely golden surroundings, beautiful buildings and amazing bespoke businesses that really set it apart. 

"It is a jewel in the Cotswold crown."