A new self-service dog wash run by siblings from Swindon is set to open in a Royal Wootton Bassett park.

The dog wash company Muddy Squad opened its first self-service dog wash in Swindon last year and following huge success, the company will now be expanding to Royal Wootton Bassett.

The self-service facility will be installed at Jubilee Lake in Royal Wootton Bassett later this year, and the company say they hope to place it behind Jubilee Lake Café, although this has not yet been finalised.

“This innovative project will not only add value to Jubilee Lake but will also support our community,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Muddy Squad is a small business based in Swindon and run by siblings Gina and Julio Mastrogiacomo, that provides sustainable dog wash services for the community in green areas and parks.

Their new self-service facility will be priced at £1 per minute, and the machine will come with audio and visual instructions guiding customers on how to use it.

The machine will be stored under a small wooden hut which will be installed in the park, and each self-service machine comes with seven different wash options.

“You just pay for the time to use the machine and it is priced at £1 per minute and a small dog usually takes around eight minutes whereas a bigger dog may take 15 minutes,” said Gina.

“It all depends on the size of the dog and we also have a blow dryer with both low and high speeds.

“If you have two dogs you can wash two dogs at the same time which is a real timesaver and helps with costs too.”

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: 45-year-old Gina (pictured) set up the business with her brother.45-year-old Gina (pictured) set up the business with her brother. (Image: Muddy Squad)

“The dog wash cyber machine provides a flexible self-service dog wash and dry at a low cost, with biodegradable products,” she added.

“The products we use are really natural and don’t hurt or affect the dogs’ skin.

“The pay meter only goes up when in use, meaning that the customer does not pay for any pauses.”

Although Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council has given the facility the go-ahead and agreed that no formal planning permission is needed, no official date has been set for the opening yet.

Site visits to confirm the exact location of the facility at Jubilee Lake are ongoing.