NEW life-saving equipment will be installed at two new locations in Cirencester this month.

Brand-new defibrillators and emergency bleed control kits will be unveiled at the Kingshill Sports Complex and St Michael’s Park over the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, extra medical equipment such as an emergency bleed kit and cabinet will be installed next to the defibrillator unit in the Market Place to help residents in the town centre in life-threatening situations.

The combined kits have been partially funded by Cotswold District Council’s defibrillator grant and the new equipment at Market Place has been donated by Cirencester’s Inner Wheel community group.

The group's president Maureen Burton said: “We think these kits, that are now being used nationally, are an excellent idea and were keen to raise funds to install one in Cirencester.

"We hope that, in the sad event of a person bleeding profusely, from whatever reason, this easy to use kit, will be accessible and maybe help save a life. 

"We’d like to thank Cirencester Town Council for their help, and look forward to working with them again, on either the same, or different projects.”

The town council is responsible for checking the defibrillators and kits regularly, registering the equipment with the emergency services, keeping the records updated and for all the running costs.

The new equipment will be registered with the national defibrillator network The Circuit which helps direct callers to the nearest defibrillator in an emergency.

Deputy mayor of Cirencester Sarah Orr said: “After being contacted by Cirencester Inner Wheel, about donating an emergency bleed kit, the town council recognised that there was a need to improve the availability of life-saving equipment in our public spaces.
"Assisted by Inner Wheel’s donation, and CDC’s scheme, that offers subsidised purchase of the vital equipment, the council aims to provide public emergency response resources to residents and visitors should they ever need them. 

"I’m very pleased that we are doing what we can to make life-saving equipment available should the worst happen.

"Having a good network of defibrillators provides potentially life-saving equipment that is proven to increase someone’s chance of survival."

For information about defibrillator locations in our area visit