RESIDENTS across the Cotswolds have been asked to share their thoughts about what they would like to see in future housing developments in our area.

Cotswold District Council want to hear from families and residents, who live in areas which have been developed over the last two decades, think developers got right and what could have been better. 

A new consultation has been launched which will ask questions covering all aspects of housing such as affordability, design and greenspaces.

The Local Plan has been updated to make it greener, and CDC want to know if residents think homes and residential areas are tackling the impacts of climate change. 

Juliet Layton, CDC cabinet member for planning and regulatory services, said: “Design really matters when it comes to new developments. 

"It isn’t just about how housing looks, but how energy efficient it is, and how it impacts on wellbeing.

“It’s about how new developments work practically - is there plenty of space for children to play, are there adequate places to walk and cycle, is it easy to access the services you need? 

"These are important, practical considerations for new developments in the future."

To take part, visit

The consultation will be open until Sunday, March 31.