A 19th century Zion chapel in the north of Wiltshire could be converted into a home.

The chapel is located in the village of Lea, near Malmesbury, and served as a place of worship until the end of 2021.

It was sold at auction in June 2023 and Wiltshire Council has now received a planning application that proposes it become a residential dwelling.

The application suggests the general aesthetic appearance of the chapel would remain “unchanged.”

The building dates back to 1808 and there are burial grounds surrounding the site.

The proposal states: “The existing ‘grassed area’ will be sub-divided to provide x2 car parking spaces nominally 4.80m x 2.40m each - and a ‘recreational space’ - inside of which will be a small shed erected to provide storage for cycles as required.

“The grassed area will be replaced with a block paved area to define the proposed ‘recreational space’ and vehicle parking areas.”

The consultation period for these plans runs until Thursday, February 29.

A decision will be made by Wiltshire Council before Friday, March 29.