MEMBERS of a grassroots boxing club have expressed their gratitude after receiving a generous donation from a local community group.

Malmesbury League of Friends recently donated £10,000 towards the cost of Malmesbury Boxing Club's shiny new 'battle bus'.

The club, which has around 60 regular members, is based at The Flying Monk Ground in Malmesbury and helps young boxers develop their fitness and self confidence in a friendly and disciplined environment.  

The new minibus, which cost £21,000, will be used to transport the club's rising stars to events and competitions all over the country. 

Head coach Mike Rees said their old bus was worn out and used up large amounts of fuel so desperately needed replacing to enable the club's members to attend more matches and progress in the sport.

Malmesbury League of Friends' generous donation has helped the club achieve this goal after two years of fundraising.

A number of the town's charitable organisations, businesses - including Dyson - and townsfolk also made donations towards the cost of the minibus. 

Mr Rees is excited to take the new Toyota minibus for a spin and expressed his gratitude on social media. 

A Facebook post written by the boxing coach said: "A huge thank you to Malmesbury League of Friends who made significant donations towards the purchase of our new battle bus. 

"We’ve been raising funds for two years and received financial assistance from local charitable organisations, local businesses, private individuals, Dyson, and of course the people of Malmesbury and beyond.

"The club also raised a significant amount from its own finances.

"We were also massively helped by our own financial guru, Harriet Mallinson, for putting in lots of work in her own time to write applications on our behalf .

"The consequence is a vehicle that will get our boxers to shows across the country.

"Thank you from all of us to everyone involved in helping us achieve this."

Malmesbury League of Friends chairman David Hide said: “We are always keen to help those, particularly young people, to participate in healthy, character-building activities.

"The boxing club, under Mike’s leadership, does a first class job and fully deserves our support.”