Maximise your car’s value to get more money this year with Motorway’s fast, easy, and free car selling tools 

Motorway has revealed that 84% of their customers got more than the market price* for their cars when selling on its platform. The UK’s fastest-growing used car marketplace, Motorway is starting 2024 by lifting the curtain on the car-selling experience by sharing real customer stories from across the UK.

The new ad campaign features testimonies from drivers who’ve used the company’s free tools to track their car’s value, check their emissions compliance, and successfully sell their vehicles for more money online.

A Motorway true story | Handyman

One of the customer stories filmed by Motorway is Emma’s, from Caterham. The car she’d been driving for the past five years was a Toyota Aygo. Starting a new chapter with her 6”5 partner, she knew it was time to sell her small car so they could purchase a larger, more comfortable model to share.

Assuming she wouldn’t get much for her Aygo, the prospect of selling it seemed like a chore – one that she’d need to make room for in her busy schedule. However, when a friend recommended Motorway, Emma was drawn to its fast and secure car sales system. And she was thrilled when she learned that she could earn more money for her car with Motorway without spending undue time, money, or effort.

Selling your car, made easy

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Motorway’s user guide takes the stress out of profiling and selling your car onlineMotorway’s user guide takes the stress out of profiling and selling your car online (Image: Motorway)

Back in the day, selling your car could be a real chore. Creating multiple advertisements, criss-crossing the neighbourhood, and rearranging your schedule to negotiate with potential buyers could lead to one big headache. Today, this is where Motorway comes in.

“The process for selling on Motorway was really, really easy,” Emma said. To get started, simply enter your reg and mileage on Motorway’s homepage for an instant valuation. Based on live and historical used car sales data, this valuation is tailored to your car’s exact make and model, providing a real-time look at what your vehicle is worth. “I got a price that was way higher than I ever expected,” Emma shared.

If you, like Emma, are happy with the price, the next step is to build your car’s profile using the Motorway app (available on the App Store and Google Play Store). After answering a few questions about your car’s spec and condition, follow the app’s overlaid templates to take and upload the best photos of your car.

Then, it’s sales time. Your car will be entered into Motorway’s online daily sale, where over 5,000 verified dealers across the country compete to give you their best price. Motorway will send you the highest offer at the end of the sale – no haggling involved. All you’ll need to do when you’re sent your best price is choose a date and time for the buyer to collect your car.

Speed through the sales process

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: With Motorway, you can sell your car online in as little as 24 hoursWith Motorway, you can sell your car online in as little as 24 hours (Image: Motorway)

What makes selling with Motorway so fast? First, the straightforward profiling process shaves off time. Second, Motorway is a marketplace for dealers to buy your car, rather than an instant car-buying and reselling company, and the brand’s nationwide network of verified dealers is always looking to update their privately owned used car stock. Third, once you’ve entered your car into the online daily sale, you can sit back and relax while Motorway finds you your best price.

The winning offer will be sent straight to your inbox at the end of the sale, meaning you can have a deal agreed in as little as 24 hours. All you need to do then is book time for free collection.

“The process was super quick,” Emma said. “Having a dealer arrange a pickup point and time was very convenient because I'm time-poor at the moment.” This pickup point can be whatever works best for you, e.g. home or work, no matter where you’re based in the UK.

Sell your vehicle for free – no hidden costs

One of the best wins when using Motorway: it’s entirely free! From instant valuation to vehicle collection, Motorway is completely free for sellers at every stage of the process.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Motorway helps you get the best value for your vehicle, all for freeMotorway helps you get the best value for your vehicle, all for free (Image: Motorway)

Did you buy your current car on finance? Motorway can help with that too. All you need is a valid settlement letter from your lender. Enter into Motorway’s online daily sale as normal and, when you get your best price from a dealer, they’ll take your lender’s details to clear the outstanding finance. The buyer will then pay you any surplus.

It’s possible to benefit from a much better price for your car by selling it, rather than accepting a trade-in agreement with your lender. Just make sure you’ve checked your financing agreement to confirm that you can sell your car and clear the finance early.

Take it from Emma: “Selling with Motorway was seamless, convenient, and I got a great price!” Emma put the funds she got for her Aygo on Motorway towards the down payment for a bigger car, so she and her partner could drive into their future together.

To see what you could get for your car on Motorway, get started with a free, instant valuation today.