A WELLBEING manager recently scooped up an award for making a difference in our area.

The Door - a youth charity based in Stroud - recently presented a Cotswold District Council officer with a special accolade to recognise her outstanding work in the community. 

CDC's communities wellbeing manager Jacqueline Wright won the Significant Contribution to your Community Award at The Door's Annual Celebration and Awards Night at the end of 2023.

Accolades were awarded to people who had made significant progress in their lives through the charity's support, to volunteers who had made significant contributions the charity and to individuals who had made a significant impact on their local community. 

Nominations were made by the charity's stakeholders and then a panel decided the winners of each category.

The panel were impressed by Jacqui's role in The Door's pilot scheme which works in partnership with The Churn Project to support families across Cirencester and the South Cotswolds. 

They also said that Jacqui has been instrumental in assigning funding to support the mental health of young people across the district.

In addition, they added that she has been a prominent advocate for family support and has consistently championed this cause at local agency level. 

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, CDC cabinet member for health, leisure and culture, said: “I’ve seen first hand the work Jacqui is involved in and I'm so pleased that she has been able to make such a difference to the community, and specifically to young people, through her work here at Cotswold District Council. 

“Jacqui is thoroughly deserving of this award and it’s great to see council officers being recognised by external partners for their hard work and contributions to our residents.

"I look forward to seeing the work Jacqui and her team will be doing in 2024.” 

Victoria Robson, chief executive officer at The Door, said: "We are proud to be associated with our local commissioners, councils and supporters and for enabling new services to begin through finding essential funds.

"And there is one person we want to especially recognise this year.  

“She has been a big supporter of The Door and her local community and a great champion of family support work in the Cotswold District where we now provide all our services.

"So I am delighted to award the next community award to Jacqui Wright."