PLANS for major changes to Cirencester town's centre are in the works following calls for action.

The changes - which have been drafted by Gloucestershire County Council - aim to improve the safety of the town centre for pedestrians and cyclists.

Some of the proposed traffic orders aim to respond to the issue of vehicles ignoring the pedestrian only sign at the Market Place entrance of Cricklade Street. 

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Red car driving down Cricklade Street in CirencesterRed car driving down Cricklade Street in Cirencester (Image: Camilla Foster)

A steady stream of motorists bolt down the busy street everyday and some residents are concerned that young children and elderly pedestrians could get hurt. 

Speaking the Standard about this issue in August, resident Steve Morton said: "Motorists who blatantly ignore the signs pose a threat to pedestrians who are more vulnerable.

"For example, an old lady using a walking frame will not be able to jump out of the road quickly if a driver is coming down the street quickly."

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Steve Morton under the pedestrian sign in Cricklade Street, CirencesterSteve Morton under the pedestrian sign in Cricklade Street, Cirencester (Image: Camilla Foster)

GCC proposals plan to revoke the existing driving restriction and to instead put in place a prohibition of any vehicle (apart from cycles) from entering Cricklade Street from the junction with the Market Place. 

A similar order prohibiting any vehicles (apart from cycles) from entering Cricklade Street from the junction with Ashcroft Road has also been drafted.  

In addition, GCC also plan to prohibit right turn movements from West Way into Cricklade Street from any vehicles apart from cyclists.

Other proposals focus on altering parking within the town centre to reduce traffic congestion in the bustling Market Place area.

For example, proposals have been made to extend the existing restricted parking zone along Cricklade Street, Dyer Street and West Way.

Plans have also been made to introduce a motorcycle only parking bay in the Market Place and disabled-only parking bays in Castle Street, Cricklade Street, Dyer Street, Market Place and West Way. 

More loading bays in Castle Street, Cricklade Street, Dyer Street and West Way could also be introduced. 

Other proposed measures include relocating the Market Place's taxi rank, introducing cycle parking in Cricklade Street and creating extra Pay and Display parking places on Castle Street, Cricklade Street and Dyer Street.

Lastly, various timed No Waiting and No Loading restrictions may come into force along North Way, South Way and Cricklade Street.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Cirencester Market Place Parking and Traffic Control Review Plan showing proposed changesCirencester Market Place Parking and Traffic Control Review Plan showing proposed changes (Image: GCC)

GCC has outlined the reasons behind these measures in the proposal's statement of reason.

The document states: "There has been a desire in Cirencester, over a number years, to reduce the dominance of cars and through traffic in the Market Place area. 

"GCC and Cirencester Town Council want to further improve the Market Place area parking and traffic controls in response to the 2020 Gloucestershire Local Transport Plans ambitions and local demand.

"The Market Place parking review proposes to improve accessibility for non-motorised users and improve overall road safety.

"It is hoped that the realignment and redistribution of on street car parking will prevent traffic circulating in the Market Place area, with drivers searching for car parking spaces.

"Car restrictions (No entry) on the northern corridor of Cricklade Street will reduce the likelihood of collisions and dangers to pedestrians."

A Gloucestershire County Council spokesperson said: “We are still working to implement changes here in the spring.

"Our aim is to improve access to the town centre, support local businesses and make it better for pedestrians.

“We have listened to feedback from businesses and residents about plans to restrict traffic entering Cricklade Street.

"Rather than opening up an alternative access from West Way we now propose to use cameras to manage traffic entering Cricklade Street from the Market Place.

"This will require a separate consultation in the summer.

"Several businesses in Cricklade Street rely on deliveries at the front so we will need to retain some provision for loading.”

Andrew Tubb, CEO of Cirencester Town Council, said: "Whilst Cirencester Town Council is yet to formally receive the revised proposals following public consultation, we can confirm that the town council has been working with GCC on a town centre traffic regulation order review.

"The primary purpose being to provide designated bays for blue badge holders, reduce the amount of traffic using Cricklade Street during pedestrian zone times and improving provision for taxi drivers.

"In addition, it seeks to stop vehicles being parked on both sides of Dyer Street which can result in restricted access for emergency vehicles, buses and coaches and to provide cycle and motorcycle bays.

"We hope that these changes will reduce the risk of collisions, reduce air pollution and improve accessibility and make the environment much healthier and welcoming for residents and visitors."

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