AN UNUSUAL 17th century gold ring which was found in the Tetbury area last year has been declared treasure.

Gloucestershire Coroners Court was told on Thursday, December 7 that an expert at the British Museum has dated the Memento Mori Mourning Ring back to 1678.

It was found in the Tetbury area by metal detectorist Rafal Pych on September 11 last year.

The ring is 20.5mm in length and weighs 2.6grams.

‘Whilst you have breath, prepare for death’ is inscribed on the flat interior of the ring as well as the initials ES.

The area coroner for Gloucestershire Roland Wooderson ruled that because the ring is more than 300 years old made of more than 10 percent precious metal it is classed as treasure. 

Similar examples in the British Museum show that the initials represented the deceased, or the person being commemorated, along with the date of passing. 

A search of burial records in the Tetbury area did not reveal the name of the person being commemorated.