The parking in Cirencester on Saturdays since the Christmas Markets began has become intolerable because of the severe congestion and lack of space.

I am a disabled badge driver and yesterday struggled to find a space as I wanted to see the rehearsal of the Bach Christmas Oratorio in the Parish Church.

The weather was freezing and abysmal, I bought nothing on the market as it was too crowded and I wanted to return home due to freezing fog.

The redesign of the Market Place has been a disaster and crossing the road there is fraught with danger due to the narrow road for drivers and uneven surfaces for pedestrians.

A gentleman who distributes The Light Paper was moved on on Advent Market Saturday but informs me that he was told by someone in authority that he was spreading Hate Speech! This is outrageous. I give out this paper and Christian Heart Magazine who aim to tell the news truthfully which mainstream media is failing to do. It is not hateful at all! It is willingly accepted by some shopkeepers in the town who go out of their way to help above and beyond the call of duty. This applies to other traders too who may not read The Light Paper.

The service has also deteriorated at our local surgeries and it is a struggle for many of us to obtain medical help.

Your paper is reporting on improvements to the parking by our beloved Council, both being pretty inefficient but I don’t hold out much hope. Sadly I do not think I will be able to visit town on Saturdays making me more of a prisoner at home than I already am!

Yours faithfully

Charmaine Morley Miss