If for no other reason, you have to admire the Tories for their sheer audacity. After 14 years of utter incompetence, corruption, dishonesty and destroying any respect this country ever had, we get some rubbish through our letter box claiming they have a "plan"; to clear up the mess they have created, and they expect us to believe them. Incredible!!

Knowing how desperate the Tories must be to hang on to power, it may well be that Siobhan Baillie doesn't know anything about this publication, even though it's got her picture on it. She has told us many times that we should support local businesses but "our plan" is printed in London so that seems a bit odd. That's typical Tory ethos though; do as we tell you and we'll do as we please.

This nonsense claims they were elected on a promise to recruit 20,000 police officers (this would be to replace the 20,000 officers they had spent the previous several years getting rid of) and then claims 164 new officers will help to cut crime. The best way to cut crime, is to eradicate inequality in society as a whole, but for the last 14 years it has just got worse.

This government has been perfectly happy to see an ever increasing number and use of food banks operated by the voluntary sector and then claims to be surprised when the reports of shop lifting have increased massively. Has anyone ever seen Siobhan Baillie having her picture taken at a foodbank? Does she or any of her insane colleagues have a "plan" to remove the need for food banks?

"Our plan" tells us, "extra £3.9 million to improve our roads". It doesn't tell us if that's what is needed or that's what is going to be spent or anything but whatever it is, we all know it is a fraction of what should have been spent over the last 14 years if our roads had been properly maintained, but of course the Tories privatised maintenance of our highways, so the shareholders have been benefitting while we have to pretend we are all rally drivers. Brilliant.

The record of their incompetence is endless but the icing on the cake surely has to be telling us they have a "plan" for the N.H.S. and at the same time, completely ignoring the more than 6 million people on waiting lists the Tories have created. You just couldn't make it up.

Yours incredulous,

Howard Price.