WELL, Apple Day came and went, Halloween has gone and Bonfire night happened.

Pumpkins have disappeared from view, although I did wonder “where to?”

After all, I doubt every single pumpkin in the land was sold so how come they aren’t still available?

They are delicious squash!

My son, whose daughter wasn’t with him for Halloween weekend, wanted to do some pumpkin carving with her and came down to the market on Saturday only to find not a single pumpkin!

In the end he had to make do with a chunky Crown Prince, which has beautiful orange flesh but the light blue outside.

Needless to say with candles in at night it looked just as good.

So, looking forward, the next major festival will be Christmas and all the meat stalls are ready to take your orders.

From sausage meat to Turkeys, from pigs in blankets to lamb shoulder, get your orders in early to guarantee delivery at the final market before Christmas, the December 23. Equally you may wish to get orders in for wines, cheeses, Christmas cakes and anything else you may need.

This Saturday will see Smarts traditional Gloucester cheeses and White Lake cheeses in attendance but The Stowe Herd are away as their butcher’s butchery had a devastating fire two weeks ago.

They should be back for the November 25.

Look out for Cymbal Knits who make and sell the greatest socks for the season, in a full range of sizes and colours.