A NEW strategy has been introduced to help improve playing pitches across the district.

Cotswold District Council want to collaborate with local organisations, such as town and parish councils and local sports clubs, to find what they need so they can work together to achieve improvements to local sports pitches.

The council's new Playing Pitch Strategy will look into who is using the pitches, what activities are being played on them and what the current quality of the pitches are.

Suggestions will then be made on how to improve them, for example it could be upgrading the quality of some existing pitches or looking at how some pitches could be better utilised for a wider range of sports.

CDC will also look into what parts of the district are short on pitches altogether.

The council hopes the evidence produced from this collaboration will help communities with funding requests to improve or build new playing pitches. 

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, CDC cabinet member for health, leisure and culture, said: “Having local sports pitches is essential for the health well-being of communities, particularly during this cost-of-living crisis.

“These team sport facilities offer an affordable and easily accessible means of promoting wellbeing and fitness and fostering social connections.

“Communities with access to sports pitches not only thrive but also witness a decrease in antisocial behaviour. 

“This is a short to medium-term strategy for the district and I am looking forward to working with local organisations and partners to deliver on the suggested improvements.”