The owner of a Cirencester gym says business has boomed in the first six months since moving into the town centre.

AREA10 opened on the first floor above a parade of shops by Marks & Spencer in Dyer Street in April.

Owner Luke Evans has a decade of experience in personal training before he invested in Area10 fitness in 2019. His is one of many gyms which is opening in spaces vacated by shops and offices, breathing new life into High Streets up and down the country.

 “The aim was to create a safe space for users who wanted an intimate personal touch to a gym rather than a large busy space,” said Mr Evans.

“As a personal trainer I found that a lot of people feel intimidated by large, overcrowded gyms which are full of mirrors. Often clients lack self-confidence when starting out.

“Being in the centre of town is a huge advantage for us and helps keep the town centre busy and thriving.”

AREA10 is dedicated to helping clients achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals, whether they are looking to improve their lifestyle, performance or wellbeing.

Mr Evans has put together a unique health and fitness strategy called ‘10 Steps to Success’.

Members get exclusive access to a mobile app that allows them to track and monitor performance, set new targets, document nutrition, track weight and measurements, see bookings and contact personal trainers and fitness coaches.

The gym is open six days a week Monday to Saturday from 6.30am until 8.30pm on weekdays.

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