With the closing of Wilkos I’ve given some thought to shopping in town.

Wilkos was a shop ideally suited for those who used wheelchairs, mobility scooters, rollators and so on.

It had automatic doors, wide aisles, plenty of visible staff.

You could buy anything from toothpaste to photo frames, cat food to saucepans, mundane everyday items that most households use. A current day solution to the old fashioned department shopping.

There is no other shop I can think of in Stroud town that catered for a wide variety of needs that was so easily accessible, yes there is Home Bargains but they don’t have such a wide selection and is smaller. But for how long will they be with us I wonder?

Now its shut, we shall wait and see what happens next. But will it offer the wide variety of reasonably priced goods, things that cater for everyone, and what will the layout be like?

There are very few shops in the town that are accessible having the above facilities.

It’s a shame that the town is not disabled/mobility friendly and the closure of Wilkos seems to further relegate us to supermarket shops, online shopping, or going further afield.

Its not Stroud alone I’m sure, but it’s a sign of the times that isn’t exactly optimistic, for me at least.

Jane Thomas