COTSWOLD District Council has urged local rail bosses to respond to concerns raised by councillors, on behalf of local residents, about the closure of ticket offices across the country.

This follows the announcement that train companies are planning to close up to 1,000 rail ticket offices across England over the next three years. 

As a consequence, ticket offices at Moreton in Marsh, Kemble and Kingham stations could all close.

Cotswold District Council believes that these ticket offices offer invaluable assurance and confidence to customers seeking assistance with ticket-related inquiries, especially in more rural train stations.

It has also raised concerns about impact the ticket office closures could have on elderly and disabled residents, as well as those who may have limited IT skills.

In addition, many councillors are worried about the impact this could have for those working at the rail stations.

The motion against the closures of rail ticket offices, proposed by Cllr Paul Hodgkinson and seconded by Cllr Angus Jenkinson, was debated at a full council meeting and a cross party agreement was reached.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, CDC cabinet member for health, leisure and culture, said: “It is such a worry for people in our district to hear of the plans to close 1000 rail ticket offices across the country and what that might mean for train stations in our district.

"I really hope the train companies listen and understand how important it is to have staff available to be able to assist and advise those who may not be able to access digital services. 

“Travelling by train can already be very stressful to passengers with the increase in ticket prices, delayed trains and cancelled services. 

"We should be doing all we can to encourage people to use alternatives to the car including having the personal touch of customer service at ticket offices. 

“As your council we have made our position clear that we will be doing all we can to lobby the rail operator to protect our local stations and our ticket office staff.”