Cotswold residents are opposing plans to build 37 affordable homes in their town as they say the properties are too expensive.

Bayhill Property Limited have submitted a scheme for 22 rented and 15 share ownership affordable homes in Stow-on-the-Wold to Cotswold District Council. And the property size ranges from one to three bedroom homes.

But several residents and the town council are against the housing scheme which they say is “not truly affordable for local people”.

They say the properties are to be sold at 80 per cent of the market value. And the town has seen two-bed semi detached homes sell for more than £480,000 and a two bed terraced house go for £407,000 in recent months.

There are also concerns about road safety due to inadequate pedestrian access to the site with no pavement onto the “dangerous” Oddington Road.

Stow-on-the-Wold Town Council said in their objection: “There is no pavement on the Oddington Road which is a dangerous stretch of road.

“And no permission for access via King George’s Playing Field has been sought and is unlikely to be granted, and there is no highways report for the proposed right-turn lane; parking provision needs to be increased to allow for visitor parking.

“The council is very concerned that the housing does not appear to be truly affordable for local people given it is only defined as 80 per cent of market value which would not be affordable in this area.

“If the application were to be approved council requests a condition or guarantee that priority for housing is given to Stow and surrounding villages specifically.” The council also said the scheme goes against their emerging neighbourhood plan.

Vicki Williams, an objector, said there have been eight deaths on that part of the A436 Oddington Road in the last few years.

“The site’s vehicular access on to the very busy A436 will cause disruption and possible accidents, as is Odington Road going up the hill into Stow. It is on a dangerous bend in the road.

“If this development is approved, it will go against the wishes of the majority of the Stow population, and therefore should be refused.”

Consultants working on the development say it will create sustainable housing choice, housing affordability and new amenity space for the existing and new community whilst improving public access across the site and the wider pedestrian network.

“The site provides an opportunity for a development more fitting on entry to Stow from the east, reinforcing its distinctiveness whilst at the same time still being able to provide a zero carbon development,” the design and access statement reads.

“The proposed layout is founded on the best practice in urban design, community integration and sustainable development, with strong links to the wider area. It aims to create a development for the 21st century, whilst reflecting the desirable elements of the local vernacular.

“The development will respect the local character but move the community towards a more sustainable future, through an increase in housing choice and affordability. The development will accord with the principles of high-quality design and best practice to create a townscape that is varied and sympathetic to its environment.

“The aim must be to achieve a development with strong identity and distinct sense of place whilst at the same time integrating with the existing community.”

Cotswold District Council is expected to consider the proposals by June 8.