The Conservatives have withdrawn several false allegations against Liberal Democrat candidates in the Cotswold District.

Tory leader Tony Berry had called for the withdrawal of Lib Dem candidates Chris Twells and Helene Mansilla in an open letter which contained a number of untruths about them.

The letter and social media posts falsely alleged that Mr Twells, a serving Salford City Councillor who is standing for election in Tetbury with Upton, has a brother who owns a business unit in the Cotswolds rented by the Liberal Democrats as an office.

They also falsely alleged that Helene Mansilla, the candidate for Lechlade, Kempsford and Fairford South ward, lives in Madrid. She actually lives in the Cotswolds.

Mr Twells said the Tories also alleged that the police are investigating Liberal Democrat candidates in the Cotswold District.

The police confirmed that they have received no complaints against any Lib Dem candidates in the district.

The Tories also alleged that Mr Twells had previously stood for election in York and Colwyn Bay.

Mr Twells said: “I am pleased that Tony Berry and the Cotswold Conservatives have now retracted the offensive and baseless allegations against myself and other Liberal Democrat candidates.

“It is a matter of public record that the Conservative Party’s own candidate in Moreton East ward has stood for election unsuccessfully on at least three previous occasions, including contesting the Liverpool West Derby seat at the 2019 general election.”

Councillor Berry confirmed to the Local Democracy Reporting Service that they have withdrawn the false allegations made about Mr Twells’ brother owning a business unit in the Cotswolds and the statements about Helene Mansilla living in Madrid.

He said: “Having received certain assurances from Councillor Twells of Salford Council, we have withdrawn allegations one and two in his release.

“The police have been investigating certain aspects of the Liberal Democrats candidacy but have decided to take no further action.

“It is one thing for candidates to have stood for selection, especially as MPs, in other places but to stand in our area as a candidate when already a councillor in a place 150 miles away and having no connection to Tetbury is, we would suggest, a little different.”

Cotswold District voters head to the polls on May 4.