Experts have revealed when you should switch your heating off, and its later this week.

Using Met Office data, online heating specialists, BestHeating, has analysed average temperatures over the past five years to reveal the date when Brits can look forward to hotter weather and lower bills.

They found that the best date to turn off your heating this year is Saturday, April 1.

This is ten days later than the usual best date as a result of the cold snap that hit the UK earlier this month.

Jess Steele, heating technology expert at BestHeating commented: “There is a common misconception that when the clocks go forwards is the time when heating is used less, but that is not the case in Britain where warmer temperatures occur very gradually.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

“There isn’t a specific temperature that heating should be turned off, but once the outside temperature reaches more than 14°C it is generally warm enough to do so.

“Research shows that this usually happens at the beginning of spring, however, due to the Arctic blast setting us back this year we can expect to have our heating turned up from the start of April, when the weather turns warm enough.

“With the current financial pressures on people across the nation it is tempting to turn heating off as early as possible, but be careful of the health impacts this can have.

“The chance of increased blood pressure or cardiovascular disease rises significantly for a home that is below 13°C, when the body is also more susceptible to respiratory diseases, therefore it’s vital to check your properties temperature before making a decision.”

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