With so many households looking for ways to save money on their heating, some may be falling victim to myths that actually increase their energy bill.

This is why it's important that those wanting to save money are aware of some of these myths.

With the cost of living crisis tightening everyone's purse strings, the heating experts have identified five common energy myths.

Andy Kerr, Founder at BOXT Boilers said of these practices: “Saving energy benefits both the planet and your pocket. However, only some things you hear are accurate.

"Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information out there. These typical energy-saving myths may keep you from following great advice and, in some situations, could even increase your energy consumption."

Five energy myths that could be costing you money, according to heating experts

The experts over at BOXT Boilers warned against these common energy myths costing UK households money:

Setting your thermostat higher

Cranking up the thermostat so that it heats your home faster is a very common energy myth.

Increasing your temperature to 30C so that it heats your home to 20C faster will not work as central heating produces heat consistently.

If you forget to lower the thermostat, then you will be paying more as your heating works to heat your home to that mark.

Lowering the thermostat won't really save money

The experts say households can save a lot of money by lowering their thermostats by just one degree.

This small change could decrease energy expenses by 10%, potentially saving more than £100 on energy bills a year.

It's cheaper to heat the house all-day

Keeping the heating on all day to save money is another energy myth practised by thousands across the country.

This is false as your boiler will continuously be producing heat all day.

Only putting your heating when you need it is the best money-saving practice.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: (Canva) Keeping your heating on all day is not a money saver(Canva) Keeping your heating on all day is not a money saver (Image: Canva)

Buying a new boiler won't save money

Depending on the efficiency rating of your boiler, upgrading to a new A-rated one could save you over £800 a year on energy bills.

Bleeding radiators won't make heating more efficient

Bleeding radiators can go a long way to make your central heating more efficient as doing this could root out any cold spots on your radiators when the heating is on.

This can be an easy DIY job for most households if care is taken.

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