There are concerns plans to split the Cotswolds constituency into two will lead to a “mish mash” of residents sharing the same MP but who live in different counties and districts.

The Boundary Commission for England is planning to divide the current constituency. But the proposals will see a South Cotswolds constituency include parts of North Wiltshire.

Assistant commissioners say they were very mindful of opposition but that a cross-county constituency is unavoidable.

The proposals will also see some wards from Stroud and Tewkesbury also become part of the new Cotswolds constituencies, if they go ahead unchanged.

Conservative group leader at Cotswold District Council Tony Berry (C, Kemble) says this will make the constituencies “something of a mish-mash”.

He agreed with the principle of trying to even out the number of voters in each constituency but he does not believe it leads to a good result.

“We are glad that the Boundaries Commission has listened to our request that the areas are nominated as the ‘North’ and ‘South’ Cotswolds, otherwise there are a number of areas taken out of other district council boundaries which make the resulting constituencies something of a mish-mash.

“I have no doubt that we will be able to cope with this, but it will be yet another distraction from normal district council business.”

Under the current proposals, the Stroud district wards of Bisley, Hardwicke and Painswick and Upton wards will be transferred to The North Cotswolds constituency.

But the Wotton-under-Edge ward will be transferred from the current Cotswolds constituency to Stroud. And Kingswood ward will be transferred to the South Cotswolds constituency.

The Tewkesbury constituency wards of Churchdown, Brockworh, Badgeworth, and Shurdington will form part of the North Cotswolds constituency.

The parts of Wiltshire which have been earmarked to join the South Cotswolds constituency are Brinkworth, By Brook, Cricklade and Latton, Kington Malmesbury, Minety Purton and Sherston.

Cotswolds MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has decided he will be standing for the North Cotswold constituency after thinking long and hard about the planned changes.

“This was an extremely difficult decision for me to make as whichever half I chose I would be leaving friends and supporters behind,” he said.

“The fact that I live in the north constituency made the decision a little easier. The next election is bound to be tough for the Conservatives, but I look forward to working with existing supporters and those who will join the new constituency from Tewksbury and Stroud.”

Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson Paul Hodgkinson said it is a shame the Cotswolds is being split into two. The Government has insisted that there has to be a boundary review and we are therefore left in this position.

“Some communities close to Cirencester like the Churn Valley for instance where I live will be perplexed to find themselves in the same constituency as Churchdown.

“But, politically, the Liberal Democrats are the clear challengers to the Conservatives in both new seats. The South Cotswolds is good territory for us with many councillors and is part of the ‘blue wall’ of seats at the next election which the Conservatives will struggle to hold on current polling.”

Cotswold District Council leader Joe Harris (LD, St Michael’s) said he was pleased the Boundary Commission has renamed the proposed constituencies North Cotswolds and South Cotswolds.

He is content overall with the proposals but disappointed they’ve removed Northleach from the South Cotswolds in exchange for Kington which is south of the M4.

“The Liberal Democrats have a cracking opportunity in both seats particularly in the South Cotswolds seat where we hold the majority of the council seats.”

A final consultation on the proposed changes is currently open and residents have until December 5 to have their say on the proposals.

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