Swindon town centre has become a filthy dump

I despair of what is happening to this town. If Coun Renard had got off his backside some years ago and taken a walk around the centre of town he would have seen that this once proud town was fast becoming a filthy disgusting dump.

Anything of value in this town, be it historical , cultural or leisure provision, has been knocked down, allowed to fall down or sold/ leased to unsuitable companies.

The road structure in this fast expanding town is in chaos, with not attempt made to hold contractors to account.

How many grand schemes are going to be announced which fail to materialise?

To add insult to injury, I read in the Advertiser that Coun Heenan is the cabinet member for organisational excellence. What a joke. Swindon Borough Council couldn’t organise the proverbial party in a brewery.

P Strange

Church Walk North

Rodbourne Cheney