TESCO announced yesterday that its Cirencester Superstore in Farrell Close will remain open until into 2023. 

Eventually a new Express store will be opened in Cricklade Street in the former Dorothy Perkins and Burton store.

We have asked Standard readers what they think should happen to the Superstore building when it eventually closes. 

We received loads of comments from readers and these have ranged from the comical to the serious, with everyone seeming to have an opinion on what should now be built instead.

Food, drink and shop suggestions 

A range of big brands have also been suggested including: Iceland, B&M, The Entertainer, Wetherspoons, Sainsbury's, Primark or Farm Foods.

One reader had a good idea - “A charity discount food warehouse which would have supplies from British farmers with surplus foods along with brands at big discounts.”

READ MOREMajor announcement on when Tesco superstore will close 

Another said: “How about a food warehouse or a decent clothes shop? Anything along those lines as we have far too many coffee shops and hairdressers.”

“A B&M or home and garden centre store like the big one in Swindon.”

What about keeping Tesco?

A lot of people said they wanted to keep the site as a Tesco and refurbish the existing store. 

One comment said: “Just keep it as Tesco as it is but spend the money on refurb.”

Another reader said: “Keep as Tesco because a lot older people use it. 

“I know this because my mum would take my granny shopping here. It is convenient for people who don’t drive.” 

What about a roller disco? 

Most people suggested a cinema - “How about a cinema that keeps getting promised.” 

But others also suggested a bowling alley or a roller disco

What readers don’t want to see at the site

“Just no more hairdressers, coffee shops or charity shops.”

“Iceland would be good. But not a coffee shop or betting shop.”