A DRUG dealer caught with two packets of heroin hidden around his foreskin was jailed for five years today.

John Goscombe, 33, of Jubilee Green, Cirencester, had denied having the intimately concealed drug with intent to supply it.

But a jury at Gloucester Crown Court took less than an hour to find Goscombe guilty.

Yesterday the court had heard that ten grams of heroin powder was found in two cellophane wraps removed from around Goscombe's foreskin area after he was taken to a police station by officers who went to his home on November 7 last year.

It had a street value of £516.

Kannan Siva, prosecuting, said when police called at Goscombe's home he was sitting on the settee in the living room with another man. When he stood up officers noticed a bag on the sofa.

Mr Siva said although Goscombe was initially co-operative his manner soon changed and he then refused to remove his hand from his genital area.

Later, when he was searched, two wraps containing 10.2g of powder containing heroin was found - the equivalent of around 51 street deals.

Goscombe told the court today the drugs were for personal use.

When asked why he didn't hide the drugs somewhere else, Goscombe replied: "If I was to go out and was stopped by police they would seize what I had on me. Being a user, you want to keep what you've got."

In sentencing, Judge Martin Picton said Goscombe had an appalling record.

Goscombe was sentenced to five years' jail but could be released on licence after 30months. He has already served 151 days in jail awaiting trial which will be deducted from his sentence.

After the case, police Superintendent Ian Dowling said officers were delighted with the conviction.

"Following hard work by officers of the Priority Policing Team another conviction against a drug supplier has been secured in our area," he said.

"The length of the sentence goes to show that dealing in drugs yields nothing more than misery for all concerned."