A POPULAR pub near Stroud is to close amid the ongoing energy crisis. 

This is according to a post on their social media page. 

The owners of the Old Neighbourhood Inn, Chalford, have said that they no 'longer have the fight left in them to continue' following issues such as Covid, the energy crisis and inflation. 

“After three and a half years of being part of this wonderful village, we will be closing our doors for the last time at 9pm on Monday, September 12,” said Sarah and Jono Armstrong.

“We hope that you all understand that this has been an incredibly difficult decision, but to be honest, we no longer have the fight left in us to continue.

 “We barely survived Covid and are now just too tired to struggle on.

“This has been a very difficult decision and we have weighed up countless options that would allow us to carry on, but to no avail.

“Since Covid took over the country we have adapted, adjusted and done all that we could to keep going.

“However, this has generated extra problems and extra debts.

“The current economic climate is even more perilous, with electricity increases of 500 per cent (£12,000 to £60,000), beer prices increasing again on October 1, food costs spiralling and general inflation affecting everything.

“Coupled with the very noticeable, yet understandable, drop-in customer visits, as we all begin to feel the pinch, we have been hit with the double whammy of increased costs and reduced trade.

“We would like to raise a glass to our wonderful staff who have been with us and supported us during these difficult times.”

Regulars and members of the Chalford community have thanked the owners for their commitment over the years. 

"It was always a favourite place to play with a friendly welcome from you all and a great atmosphere," read one comment. 

"What a sad and shocking statement. What an asset you have been to all of us. Especially remembered for the wonderful Covid shop, Fish and chips store too. You can be proud of the great job you did," read another. 

"Thank you for bringing our wonderful community together, lots of love and luck for the future," read another.