The MP for the Cotswolds has finally revealed who he is backing to be Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown had refrained from lending his support to any of the Conservative Party leadership candidates due to his position as treasurer of the 1922 Committee.

But now Sir Geoffrey has revealed he will be backing Rishi Sunak after the former Chancellor was confirmed as one of the final two in the race, alongside current foreign secretary Liz Truss.

Explaining his decision, Sir Geoffrey said: "As I was a part of the 1922 team responsible for organising all the Parliamentary votes, I had to remain impartial.

"However, I am now able to announce that I will be supporting Rishi Sunak to become the next leader of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister.

"At a time when millions of people are suffering from the cost-of-living crisis, I think it is essential to have a Prime Minister who has detailed knowledge of how the economy works."

He added: "I have asked Rishi some extremely tough questions on how he will deal with inflation, debt, the war in Ukraine, and how he plans to rejuvenate our public services post-pandemic and I was impressed with the strong responses he gave me. 

"We need someone utterly determined and capable of resolving these enormous problems."

James Gray has also suggested he will be backing Rishi Sunak.

The North Wiltshire MP had been supporting Penny Mordaunt and said in a letter to constituents that he was 'deeply disappointed' that she was knocked out in the final Parliamentary round of voting.

"I will happily serve behind either Rishi or Liz and it will be up to members to make up their own minds," he said.

"I have one vote as an ordinary member of the Party and will be listening very carefully to what they have to say, perhaps especially about topics close to my heart- defence and foreign affairs, the Polar Regions, the environment and countryside.

"I am a small government, low taxation traditional Conservative; but then both candidates will have their hands tied by the current cost of living crisis and the battle against inflation; so there may in reality be little to choose between them. I am pretty sure that my own personal preference will be for Rishi Sunak."