TETBURY Tesco last week celebrated a very special anniversary as it’s 20 years ago when the store first opened.

Steve Fagg the current manager celebrated and said thank you to his team past and present with several events at different times so at all of the colleagues could take part due to their shift patterns.

Steve said ‘this was a great way to show appreciation of his amazing team and to be able to say thank you for everything they do for the store and for the town, it is a privilege and a delight to work in such an amazing place and there are far too many people to say thank you too, but the smiles on their faces and the enjoyment we all shared during the events said it all.’

Steve like many others were amazed at a special cake that was made by one of the colleagues, that replicated the store. And would have been quite at home at any great bake off final. The events also included special guests of the Mayor Cilr Peter Colman, Deputy Mayor Cilr Ann Pearce and Tetbury Town Crier Tony Evens who made as usual a special announcement that summed up the day perfectly in the store. Tony announced “There have been many new faces joining the Tesco family but there are still a number of those that have been with us since the store opened in 2002. Please join me in congratulating all the colleagues who work tirelessly to provide the service you have become accustomed to. Thank you Tesco and here’s to at least another 20 years of service.’