A GLOUCESTERSHIRE MP has resigned from the government.

This follows a spate of government resignations which occurred last night including former Chancellor Rishi Sunak plus former health secretary Sajid Javid. 

Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk confirmed his resignation as Solicitor General on Tuesday evening.

A Worcester MP Robin Walker has also this morning resigned from the government. 

In a letter to Boris Johnson, Mr Chalk said it was “with great sadness” he was quitting the post but added he could not “defend the indefensible”.

He wrote: “To be in government is to accept the duty to argue for difficult or even unpopular policy positions where that serves the broader national interest.

"But it cannot extend to defending the indefensible.


Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: “The cumulative effect of the Owen Paterson debacle, Partygate and now the handling of the former Deputy Chief Whip’s resignation, is that public confidence in the ability of Number 10 to uphold the standards of candour expected of a British Government has irretrievably broken down.

"I regret that I share that judgement.

“This comes at a moment of intense challenge for our country, when trust in government can rarely have been more important.

"I’m afraid the time has therefore come for fresh leadership.”

Former Conservative leadership candidate Rory Stewart expressed his support for Chalk on social media.