TECHNOLOGY for green planes of the future is taking off at an airport near Cirencester.

And MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown found out all about it during a visit last week to ZeroAvia which is developing carbon-neutral aircraft at Cotswold Airport at Kemble.

ZeroAvia creates hydrogen-electric engines that use fuel cells to convert hydrogen to electricity during flight, allowing electric motors to fly the aircraft.

The company is hoping to take flight with 9-19 seat aircraft by 2024 and says sustainable aviation is possible for 100-seat long-distance flights and beyond.

The aviation industry is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions which is why there’s a worldwide push for green aviation and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Sir Geoffrey said: “My recent visit follows one I made back in September with the Aviation Minister.

"I was impressed with the substantial progress they have made since then, now employing more than 70 high-skilled engineers, executives, and support staff at their site in Kemble.

“They have entered into partnership with some significant companies in the aviation industry to provide funding, expanding their UK operations.

“From what I saw during my visit it was clear that ZeroAvia will continue to go from strength to strength, especially with their exciting R&D and plans to manufacture the new hydrogen-electric engines and the future employment opportunities could be a huge boost for the local area.

“It is great to see companies in the Cotswolds developing innovative solutions to address the climate change challenge and help us achieve our net-zero targets.”