Gladiators are set to return to Chedworth Roman Villa this weekend. 

Roman re-enactment group Legio II Augusta, will be bringing their gladiatorial arena to the Cotswolds on Saturday and Sunday.

Visitors will be able to witness displays and demonstrations of gladiatorial fighting and try their hand at some training drills.

Families can interact with the gladiators to learn more about the Roman way of life and take a seat at 11am or 3pm for the main event – the gladiator show. 

People can also have a go at being a gladiator themselves, dressing up and getting involved in person.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Anndie Hill, senior visitor experience officer at Chedworth Roman Villa, said: ‘We are excited to welcome back one of our favourite events after a few years without it. 

"Our gladiator weekend is popular with staff, volunteers and visitors so we are thrilled it’s returning. 

"It makes for a very special weekend but also helps people to connect with Roman times and history. 

"Although the villa with its mosaics was more peaceful than gladiatorial arenas, the re-enactors bring that period of history to life for us."

Entry to Chedworth Roman Villa is from 10am-4.30pm and is free for National Trust members. Normal admission applies for non-members.

More information is available at: