Rowan Atkinson has come under fire after a 'wild' 40th birthday he threw for his partner caused widespread panic amongst pet owners - including two dogs that disappeared.

The Blackadder star was throwing a lavish bash for his partner Louise Ford at Lucknam Park Hotel on Saturday, with loud music and fireworks heard from miles away.

The 'banging' party was held at the 18th-century mansion in the village of Colerne in North Wiltshire.

But noise spread so far that residents from Wiltshire communities of Corsham and Box Hill - around four miles from the hotel - inundated the venue with complaints about the disturbance that terrified local pets throughout the night.

This included one owner who claimed her two dogs got so panicked by the noise from what they dubbed "Mr Bean's shindig" they went missing from a home in Box Hill.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: The party has been dubbed 'Mr Bean's shindig'The party has been dubbed 'Mr Bean's shindig' (Image: ITV)

Owner Terri Freeland, 66, said the whole incident was "extremely distressing".

She added: "On Bonfire night and New Year's Eve you expect fireworks and loud music and take care of your dogs.

"On a Saturday evening in May, when I'm watching Top Gun on the telly totally engrossed - I can most certainly say you absolutely do not expect it.

"I'm not even a local resident - I live on Box Hill, and there is a huge valley in front of us where the hotel is.

"It completely startled me and was horrible I just didn't know what to do".

Locals said the fireworks were set off at around 10pm, sparking fears that local animals - including horses known to reside close-by would be affected.

Terri said she was sat in the garden with the doors open when the fireworks started "suddenly" and her 18-month-old collie Bobby ran out the doors and disappeared.

She added: "I was wandering around in my dressing gown, pyjamas and wellie boots but whilst I was looking for Bobby, I lost my other dog."

Terri's 14-year-old black and white collie, called Megan, then also went missing at around 11.30pm.

Thankfully both returned home in the early hours of Sunday morning, but Terri described the whole experience as a "nightmare"

Other residents who live near the hotel said their dogs were also terrified.

They added: "We're in Thickwood and our little dog, who is noise reactive, is still absolutely petrified.

"I don't want to be a party pooper but a bit of noise consideration wouldn't go amiss."

Another added: "Our dog was absolutely terrified - we back right onto Lucknam Park.

"We had warned our teenage son to make sure the dog was indoors at 9.45pm (thanks for the warning) and until fireworks finished but he phoned us to come home from a night out as the dog was so scared - he'd never seen her like that and didn't know what to do."

According to local reports, Lucknam Park Hotel did its best to warn local residents about the event, posting in various local Facebook groups about the upcoming firework display.

But on a local Facebook page, several local villagers in Colerne where the hotel is situated vented their frustrations.

One wrote: "Rowan Atkinson's partner's 40th Birthday party. Lucknam Park, you are brain dead.

"A hotel that keeps many horses, they must have been scared.

"It sounded like we were under attack from Russia."

Others commented in agreement, saying they "honestly thought the base was under attack" and the noises were so loud it "sounded like a heavy bomber group dropping their payload".

Another confirmed the celebrity's involvement with humour, adding: "Mr Bean's having a shindig" - and others saying their dogs were "terrified" at the "unexpected" event.

Lucknam Park Hotel and representatives of Atkinson have been approached for comment.