I take issue with Tom Newman economic assertions that increasing nuclear power, fracking and fossil fuel extract from the North Sea will help offset fuel poverty (Eco Outrage SNJ April 6).

It will not.

This is misunderstanding being touted by Labour and Conservative MPs alike. Oil and gas from the North Sea or even fracking, should it ever happen, is the property of the companies extracting them not the UK Government.

The shareholders of these companies will not let them sell their products below the market price, which are determined internationally.

Much of gas from the North Sea is currently being exported overseas to get a better price. The UK Gas reserves amount just 0.12% of global resources, ranked 41st, just below Angola and Myanmar.

Even if it was technically possible for it all to extracted in the next year or so to flood the market the volumes are so small they would have no effect on global gas prices.

The Cameron Government announced plans for 8 new nuclear power station back in 2012, the maps and plans are still on the government website.

Non are yet generating electricity and only one, Hinckley Point, is under construction, massively over budget and behind schedule.

It only managed to get investment because the UK government agreed a guaranteed sale price of electricity of £92.50 per MW with EDF, index linked to inflation so currently £111.22 per MW. This 2-4 time the cost of electricity generated by Solar or Wind and battery storage.

This high cost of electricity from nuclear power stations excludes any ongoing cost of storage of spent nuclear fuels which will be borne by future generations through their taxes.

Yes that right, our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren , great great great grandchildren and generations beyond will be paying the clean-up cost of us having the privilege of buying very expense electricity generated by a French Government owned company.

Simon Pickering

Co-chair Of Gfirst LEP Business Energy Group