TRADER of the week this week is Rave Coffee in Cirencester.

What is your name?

Vikki Hodge

What us the name and address of your business?

Rave Coffee, Unit 7 Stirling Works, Love Lane, Cirencester, GL7 1YG

Are you the owner?

Yes, (alongside Rob Hodge)

Where did you get the name Rave from?

It’s is the initials of family members - Rob, Amelia, Vikki, Evie.

What products do you sell / service provide?

Rave has a small cafe and retail space at our Roastery in Love Lane, Cirencester - this is where we roast and pack all our orders.

We offer an ever-changing line-up of coffee, sourced sustainably from the world’s most respected coffee growing regions, the Rave Coffee range includes Coffee Blends, Single Origin Coffee, Coffee Pods, Decaf Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee and Green Beans, sold online alongside a hand-picked selection of espresso and brewing equipment as well as Rave merchandise.

What is your best selling item?

Rave’s Best Selling Bundle consists of 3 of our most popular coffees; Signature Blend, Italian Job Blend & Colombia El Carmen.

Although our subscription service is very popular - it seems customers have a thirst for trying new coffees.

What is the weirdest thing you have been asked for at Rave?

“Do you actually put pineapple flavour in your coffee” - Our coffee tasting notes are developed through the roasting process, as well as being influenced by the bean varietal, processing method & growing conditions (much like wine). You can get some pretty interesting flavours from Coffee from light & floral to your more classic coffee flavours of nut, chocolate & caramel.

What is the ethos at Rave?

Great coffee, made simple, Here at Rave we are committed to a better coffee experience for all, cutting through the noise of in-crowds and unnecessary jargon, RAVE Coffee puts taste, quality and sustainability above all else, roasting everything to order on a daily basis.

We also have partnered with “1% For The Planet” - meaning, whether we make profit or not we will donate 1% off all sales to environmental causes.

Have you seen an increase in coffee in recent years?

We’ve seen considerable growth year on year since we launched back in 2011 - but there has definitely been a shift towards people seeking out speciality coffee (over instant coffee) as they want to achieve Barista quality coffee at home.

(Reports suggests a 412% increase in coffee machine sales during the pandemic)

Anything else you would like to add?


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Twitter: @RaveCoffee

Facebook: @Ravecoffee