A Malmesbury car dealer found guilty of fraud after failings to disclose a £99 fee to customers has claimed the regulations are 'unclear'.

Paul Hyams, the director of Hyams Autos, was hit with a hefty fine after a customer was not made aware of the extra £99 cost until they had test driven a vehicle and decided to buy it.

The charge sheet stated: "This caused the average consumer to take a transactional decision she would not have taken otherwise."

Mr Hyams denied the offences but was found guilty at Salisbury Magistrates Court on Thursday.

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Posting on Facebook following the ruling he said: "Whilst Hyams Autos accept the court ruling, the regulations regarding administrative fees are unclear.

"We have not deliberately mislead anyone and everyone who paid the administration fee were aware of the fee before the cars were sold and were happy to make the payment.

"Since the matter was brought to our attention, we have made extra steps to ensure all customers are fully aware of the £99 admin fee and why it is charged.

"We have been trading in Malmesbury for over 45 years and are fortunate to have many loyal and happy customers.

"The verdict reached by the courts does not reflect our business ethos or our standing in the local community."