As plans to connect Cirencester back up to the national rail network continue to be reviewed, we've taken a look back at the history of train travel in the town.

While there is now a battle to restore one station to the town, for a brief period of time Cirencester actually had three.

Cirencester Town

The Cirencester branch line to Kemble was built by the Cheltenham and Great Western Union Railway and opened on May 31, 1841.

The station building was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and it was initially the terminus for the London to Bristol line before the Sapperton Tunnel was finished in 1845.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

It underwent a number of changes over the years. The original roof was removed in 1874 and the station was renamed Cirencester Town in 1924. It closed 40 years later.

In 2016 a plaque was unveiled to mark 175 years since the station was built.

Chesterton Lane Halt

Chesterton Lane Halt opened on the Cirencester branch line in 1959 but was only in operation for five years.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Both Chesterton Lane Halt and Cirencester Town stations closed to passengers on April 6, 1964 as part of the Beeching cuts.

Cirencester Watermoor

Cirencester Watermoor station opened on December 18, 1883 as the terminus of the Swindon and Cheltenham Extension Railway line.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

It closed to passengers in 1961.

The future

The Cirencester Community Railway Project was set up in 2013 with the aim of connecting the town back to the National Rail Network.

The group's plan is to build a new 8km line between Cirencester and Kemble and using new technology known as Very Light Rail.

It would follow the old route as far as possible before terminating near the centre of Cirencester. The service would then link in with the recently dualled line between Swindon and Kemble.

The project has received funding from the Government’s Restoring Your Railway Fund to prepare a more detailed Business Case.

The scheme is one option currently being considered by Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council to improve sustainable transport links between Cirencester and Kemble.

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