A Cirencester farmer has published his debut novel as he embarks on a new career as an author.

Adam Melrose has spent the last 18 months working on thriller The Determined Widow, after being inspired by other authors who only started writing later in life.

The book is the first in a series of thrillers titled The Matthew Holland Mystery Series, which centres on the titular character and his team of private investigators.

Each book will contain a standalone mystery for the team to solve. The first tells the story of Bella Stone, whose husband has been found dead in a flooded quarry. The authorities insist his death was accidental, but Bella knows that not to be the case. Frustrated with no one listening to her, she hires Matthew Holland and his team to investigate. As the investigation deepens, the team learn their client is determined to unearth the truth regardless of the human cost.

The action takes place in Cirencester and its surroundings.

Speaking about the setting Adam said: “I have lived around here for nearly 20 years and in that time I have seen most of the beautiful locations.

"It did not take me long to decide where to set the book. The Cirencester area offers so many options for a writer to set a thriller. I think readers will enjoy recognising the landmarks featured in the book, and knowing they have been there, or can visit will add a little something to the story.

"How much more fun is it when you see somewhere featured on TV and you have been there and know it? It always adds something for me certainly.

"I have changed the names of most of the places except Cirencester itself, but I think local readers will recognise the places instantly.”

The Determined Widow is available exclusively on Amazon.

“It gave me the most control over how the book was released and allowed me to offer it easily in eBook, paperback and hardback format, that way readers can choose from a varied price range," added Adam.