A Cirencester school has been given Ofsted's lowest ranking.

Watermoor Primary School was rated 'Inadequate' following an inspection in October.

The report highlighted concerns over how senior leaders managed pupils’ behaviour, and that there was a lack of overall leadership in the curriculum.

"The very poor behaviour of a few pupils is disturbing the learning of others," it said.

"Senior leaders have a poor grip on pupils’ behaviour. The disruption caused by the behaviour of a few pupils is having an adverse effect on school life.

"Staff do not feel well supported, and morale is low. Pupils are losing learning time. Leaders address individual incidents but lack a precise overall picture of what is happening and when.

"They have no clear strategy for how the current situation will be improved.

"There is no planned pastoral support. This inhibits the full inclusion not just of pupils with behavioural difficulties but also others with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)."

The primary school teaches 195 pupils and the proportion of pupils with SEND at Watermoor School is twice the national average.

The report also said the curriculum was 'unbalanced'.

However, it was also pointed out that Early Years education at the school is ‘rich’ and ‘meaningful’, and judged as ‘Good.’

The arrangements for safeguarding were also deemed to be effective, with staff vigilant about children’s welfare.

Prior to the publication of the Ofsted report last week, actions have been taken at the school.

This includes senior leaders reviewing the school’s behaviour policy, adapting and monitoring individual behaviour plans for SEND pupils and reviewing the whole school curriculum design, particularly in relation to the achievements of pupils with SEND.

Watermoor headteacher Sarah Fox said: “We have already put improvement measures in place following the inspection in October.

“These measures will help us to improve the quality of education for our pupils at the school.

“I would also like to thank Ofsted for pointing out some of the challenges we face, and staff at the school are committed to tackling these areas and positively moving forwards.”