Cooking at home every night can get a little repetitive and finding a nice restaurant to visit can be just what you need when it's time for a break.  

It can be a nice change to your routine and a pick me up whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of your week.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top-rated Indian restaurants in Cirencester, according to Tripadvisor. 

Indian Rasoi

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Indian Rasoi (Tripadvisor)Indian Rasoi (Tripadvisor)

Tripadvisor rating: 4.4/5

Location: 14 Dollar Street, GL7 2AJ

Reviewers praise the food, staff and the restaurant itself including the cleanliness and the atmosphere.


Tripadvisor rating: 4.5/5

Location: 23 Dyer Street 1st Floor, GL7 2PP

The service, quality of food and pricing at this restaurant are applauded in the reviews.

Asha Indian Kitchen

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5/5

Location: 65 Castle Street, GL7 1QD

Reviews of this restaurant, which has vegan options, have praised the freshness of the food as well as the takeaway service it offers.