A Wiltshire firm is celebrating success after producing a 'must have' toy this festive season.

Tig-Tag® was first launched three years ago by two sisters from Crudwell; Suzanne Smith and Louise Gilbert.

They initially came up with the idea following a family trip to the Lake District. Suzanne and Louise could not find anything appealing that was easy to pack and would be suitable in different weather conditions.

They were also looking for something that both adults and children could play which was safe as well as fun - so they came up with an idea of their own.

They designed a soft toy which is used a bit like the familiar favourite ‘tig’ but with the aim of throwing it at friends and family who will then become ‘it.’

Their hope is that it would removes the physical element to prevent pushing and hitting to make someone ‘it.’

‘Tig-Tag’ has been going from strength to strength, and has just been voted as a Christmas must-have and crowned ‘Dad’s Choice Winner’ by fathers from around the country after going head-to-head with the world’s biggest toys brands.

Louise Gilbert said: “We’re beyond thrilled to receive such an accolade, especially after seeing who we were up against.

"The Dad’s Choice Award’s team testers reaffirmed our reason for launching Tig-Tag in the first place – a fun, safe and inclusive game for the whole family.”

The product was one of 11 top-placing toys in Dad’s Choice Awards 2021, beating brands such as ZURU, Golden Bear and MGA.

The toys given awards are those considered to incorporate the fun factor and creativity, as well as being good value for money.

The award’s team of dad testers and their children voted Tig-Tag the winner in the 2021 awards.

They said: “Our kids really loved the challenge of throwing the Tig Tag. Plenty of noise and lots of laughter and all our kids could play together.

"Later the older ones played with their friends and added other rules... can only Tag left arm etc and that took the competition to another level... really brilliant fun!”

The Dad’s Choice Awards are a set of consumer awards which happen every year. The idea is that only dads decide which toys ‘cut the mustard’.

This is to recognise that sometimes fathers like to play with completely different toys with their children and to celebrate the importance of the quality time they spend playing with their families.