A retired Malmesbury architect has drawn up plans to make the town's famous Market Cross traffic-free.

Terry Fox, who has lived in the town for more than 30 years, has spent many months preparing his plan by speaking to residents and researching similar examples elsewhere.

When residents were surveyed on the issue in 2018, 70 per cent expressed a preference for no further pedestrianisation and Mr Fox admits the scheme 'may not be popular with everyone'.

However, he believes it would result in increased tourism and football for local businesses.

The plan would mean that, instead of parked cars occupying much of the space immediately behind the Market Cross, there would be tables, chairs and trees there. The idea being that people could buy refreshments from retail outlets and enjoy them in a pollution and traffic-free environment.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Under Mr Fox's plan full access would continue to the road leading to Abbey House by the Whole Hog, and a loading/unloading area would be provided for early morning and evening deliveries. At the top of the High Street and along the front of the Market Cross, Mr Fox has proposed raised granite setts with ramps to calm traffic and give pedestrian priority.

Mr Fox said: “I’m fully aware, of course, that these proposals need fully costing and may not be popular with everyone, especially those who have become accustomed to parking their cars there."

In a parking survey issued earlier this year a majority of residents voted in favour of a one-hour time limit for parking in the Market Cross.

"This scheme could transform the top of the town and make it so much more attractive for residents and visitors alike," Mr Fox added.

"First I want to receive feedback from residents before submitting them to Malmesbury Town Council, some of whose councillors have already been very supportive.”

The area is owned by Wiltshire Council however, and any decision on the future of the Market Cross will be made by them.

Mr Fox can be contacted on 01666 824331 or fox_terry@hotmail.com