A gang of 'honey trap' thieves dubbed the 'Rolex Rippers' have struck again in the Cotswolds.

Police have been hunting the group of women who have carried out a criminal campaign stealing the pricey watches off elderly men's wrists.

They are thought to be responsible for a number of thefts across the South West, including one in Bourton-on-the-Water earlier this year.

In the latest incident, a victim was approached by two women who engaged with him in conversation before offering him sex in exchange for money while holding his arms.

He was approached around 1.45pm on October 30 in Somerford Keynes and eventually managed to free his arms from the women.

But he soon realised his Rolex watch was missing, and reported the incident to the police.

The latest victim described the woman as being 'Eastern European', matching previous reported thefts by the pair who were captured in CCTV last month.

In a statement Gloucestershire Police said: "There have been a series of crimes similar in their nature happening in Gloucestershire and also in Devon and Cornwall."

"The females are described as being Eastern European speaking a language similar to Serbian/Ukrainian/Romanian. One female was described as being about 5 "3, plump build with short dark brown hair styled in a sharp bob cut that sat around the ears.

"The second female was described as being younger than the other female and had shoulder length dark brown hair, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans with white trainers. This female is described as also being about 5"3 and of a slim build."

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