Malmesbury refill shop The Wild Food Company have revealed how much packaging they have saved over the last year.

Since taking over the high street store four years ago, Tom Bowerman has focused on products that reduce or completely remove single use plastics.

And over the past 12 months the Malmesbury community has managed to save more than 26,000 pieces of packaging. That works out at more than 85 pieces a day based on the shop's six days a week opening hours.

“Every year we take a moment to add up all the refills we’ve provided across our foods, household and personal care products," said Tom.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

"We really weren’t sure what this year’s numbers were going to look like due to Covid, but despite the pandemic, we were really happy to find that we’d saved a real and significant amount of predominantly plastic packaging waste from going to landfill.”

“I think this goes to show the difference that small actions can make towards improving our environment.

"Malmesbury is not a big town but together we’ve managed to save all this waste, just by refilling food staples, personal care and and household cleaning liquids.

The Wild Food Company has recently added a peanut butter machine, where customers can bring their own jars to refill, fresh coffee beans and grinding, and expanded their range of herbs and spices, where customers can refill their own spice jars.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

“We’ll keep on adding new options for our customers, we want to help everyone avoid unnecessary waste and also save money," Tom added.

"If you’re not already shopping this way, come and see us – it’s really easy and is a real and practical action you can take in the fight against climate change.”